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Chicago Style: Magazines and Newspapers

A guide to writing papers and citing sources in Chicago style.


For a References page, your citations need to be double spaced and have a hanging indent. A hanging indent just means that every line after the first in your citation is indented 0.5". 

In Microsoft Word (PC or Mac), highlight your citation and right click on it. Select "Paragraph" in the menu that appears, then under "Indentation" click on the Special drop down and select "Hanging". Make sure the "By" field is set to 0.5".

Magazines & Newspapers

Magazine and newspaper citations are similar to journal citations, but they emphasize the date of publication more. Note that parentheses are not used around the dates of these sources. If an online version is referenced, include the accessed URL.

Magazine key elements (separated by periods):

  1. .Full name(s) of authors (Lastname, Firstname. All other authors Firstname Lastname).
  2. Title and subtitle of article or column, with all major words capitalized(surrounded by quotation marks).
  3. Title of periodical with all major words capitalized (in italicized characters).
  4. Issue information if it exists(volume title and/or number), followed by the publication date (month, day, year).
  5. Page numbers (where appropriate).
  6. URL/DOI (for online publications).

Magazine format:

Author Lastname, Firstname. “Article Title:Subtitle.” Title of Journal, vol. title, vol. # Publication Month, Day, Year. Page

numbers. URL/DOI.

Newspaper key elements (separated by periods):

  1. Full name(s) of authors (Lastname, Firstname Middlename).
  2. Title and subtitle of article with all major words capitalized (article name surrounded by quotation marks).
  3. Name of newspaper column, with all major words capitalized (if article is part of regular column).
  4. Title of newspaper with all major words capitalized (in italicized characters).
  5. Publication date (Month, Day and Year).
  6. URL (for online publications).

Newspaper format:

Author Lastname, Firstname Middle. “Article Title:Subtitle.” Column Name. Title of Magazine. publication Month/Day/Year. URL.


Physical Magazine

Saulnier, Beth. “From Vine to Wine.” Cornell Alumni Magazine, September/October 2008. 48.

Digital Magazine

Cole, Wendy and Janice Castro. “Scientology’s Largesse in Russia.” Time, April 13, 1992.,9171,975290,00.html.

Physical Newspaper

Fields, Marguerite. “Want to Be My Boyfriend? Please Define.” Modern Love. New York Times. May 4, 2008.

Digital Newspaper

Bosman, Julie. “Jets? Yes! Sharks? ¡Sí! In Billingual ‘West Side.’” New York Times. July 17, 2008.