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Chicago Style: Webpage

A guide to writing papers and citing sources in Chicago style.


Remember that your notes should be indicated by a superscript number. In order to insert a superscript, first type the number, then highlight it with your mouse. From here, you can either right-click and select the 'Font' option, then check the 'Superscript' box, or hold down Control and Shift and press the + key. For Macs, use the COMMAND key instead of Control. You can also use the 'Font' controls in your toolbar.

Rules for Webpage Notes

If citing another type of source (book, journal, et cetera) that appears on a webpage, use that source's note format. Otherwise, notes and citations for webpage content should include the following elements:

  1. Author: Full name (Firstname Middlename Lastname).
  2. Title of Web Page (in quotations).
  3. Name of publishing entity (in italicized characters).
  4. Publication date: and/or access date (if no publication date given, access date is mandatory).
  5. URL.

The basic layout of a webpage note:

[indented tab]1. Author Firstname Lastname, “title of webpage,” name of publishing entity, publication/last modified date (if given), access date, URL.


Webpage with Date, No Author

1. “Style Guide,” Wikipedia, last modified July 18, 2008,

Webpage with Date and Author

2. Mister Jalopy, “Effulgence of the North: Storefront Arctic Panorama in Los Angeles,” Dinosaurs and Robots, last modified January 30, 2009,