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Educational Technology: One Button Studio

facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.
Welcome to the One Button Studio


ABAC's One Button Studio is available free of charge for student, faculty and staff use. Its located on the main floor of the Baldwin Library. All you need to record is your own thumb drive. While most thumb drives come preformatted as FAT32  some cheaper drive may need to be formatted. It is also recommended that you have plenty of space on your drive. The recordings are compressed h.264 recording but nothing is worse than running out of space right when you have mastered the perfect take.  

Intro Video

One Button Studio Projects

Where the One Button Studio Excels
Some kinds of video projects work really well in the One Button Studio. Below are some suggestions to consider as you think about building assignments or planning a recording session

Basic Interviews
Get to know your classmates or interview an expert use the One Button Studio as a confessional. Ask questions and record answers simply

Pitch Videos
Share your business plans or new product idea in the One Button Studio. Take your elevator pitch to the next level by sharing them with the class or publishing them online.

Course Introductions
Teaching an online class? Record an introduction video to your students with the One Button Studio and quickly post it to your course page in D2L


Presentation Practice
Get the most out of an in-class presentation by doing a trial run in the One Button Studio. By watching your recording you can review what is working and where you need to improve.

Language Practice
The best way to build you language skills is to practice speaking. Use the One Button Studio to record your progress. 

adapted from
PennState Media Commons