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Educational Technology: MyABAC Resources

facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.



If you are new to ABAC you will want to get familiar with MyABAC first. MyABAC is a single-sign-on portal that houses all the electronic resources that a student, faculty or staff needs at ABAC.  Each of the other resources at ABAC has apps that can be added to MyABAC allowing one click access. Check out the getting started PDF below. After you have configured you MyABAC account come back to check out the information provided on the other ABAC resources. 

Office 365

ABAC EMAIL (Office 365)

Office 365 is the official communication channel for ABAC and USG.  Use the instructions below to get started with Office 365. While many faculty and staff are familiar with the desktop application suite from Microsoft the web application suite adds additional functionality that can enhance your productivity here at ABAC. 


ABAC Learning Management System (D2L Brightspace)

Whether you are teaching an online or brick and mortar class you will undoubtedly use D2L to manage your classes virtual presence. Get started with the basics of D2L BrightSpace with the guide below. 


Student Information System (Banner)

Student Information, class schedules, and grades are accessed through a system called Banner. While there are two Banner access points most faculty will only deal with Banner SSB or Self Service Banner. Get familiar with Banner SSB and how to check your class schedules, rosters, enter grades and advise students. with the getting started guide attached. 

Other Resources