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RC 435-571 Psychiatry

Course Descriptions

PSYC 1101 (Introduction to General Psychology)

This course is a broad survey of topics in psychology including but not limited to major theoretical perspectives, the scientific process, development, personality, learning, mental disorders and mental health, and biological, environmental, and social factors influencing behavior.

PSYC 2101 (Introduction to the Psychology of Adjustment)

This course is an examination of principles underlying psychological health and well being. Attention is given to ways of preventing maladjustment and coping with life's circumstances. It includes applications of psychological theory to the treatment of mental disturbances.

PSYC 2103 (Introduction to Human Development)

This non-laboratory course examines human development from a lifespan perspective. It examines theoretical explanations for development and has an emphasis on patterns of physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development across the lifespan.

SOCI 2215 (Social Psychology)

This course investigates the relationship between individuals and their social world. Using a symbolic interactionist perspective, it includes an exploration of how our thoughts, feelings and actions are structured by society and how individuals actively produce social realities. Students will learn to apply theories and methods to everyday life and how they can take a more active part in their society.

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