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Nursing Resources

Databases and journals for nursing students at ABAC.


Beyond the standard search functionality, CINAHL Plus provides you with several tools to more easily browse resources, such as CINAHL/MeSH Headings and Evidence-Based Care Sheets. These tools can be accessed from the upper tool bar on your screen.

Evidence-Based Care Sheets

CINAHL Plus gathers evidence-based care sheets to provide information and treatment advice on a variety of diseases and conditions. You can browse through the list for your topic manually, or use the search bar to narrow your results. Select the item(s) you want, click Search, and CINAHL will provide the requested article(s).

CINAHL Subject Headings

The CINAHL Headings, which are similar to MeSH Headings, allow you to focus in on a specific medical term. You can search for headings related to your topic using the search bar, then use the headings to search CINAHL Plus.